♔ OUAT MEME  1 Season

★ Season 1

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When there’s unknown magic around, you better get all the magical help you can get.  |  Regina  |  Maleficent  |  Emma 

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Lana and Fred Arriving on ‘Top Five’ Premiere during TIFF 2014 - Set, 06 (x)

The Ladies of Once Upon a Time

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*emma’s hand on regina’s because they create powerful magic

*i want zelena back

*hey elsa you calm you!

*and this is a shitty edit i know

Lana Parrilla [1920x1080] & [1280x720]

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ouat s3 rewatch » witch hunt | favorite scene

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Oops, the countdown is drunk.
Nevertheless, 13 days until the Queen’s return. ;)

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